Sadly divorce is a common occurrence in our society. While statistics showing the exact percentage of couples that divorce each year can be argued there is no doubt that the possibility of divorce exists for everyone. Everyone handles stressful situations like divorce differently but there are a number of common issues that need to be addressed by everyone.

The best way to get individualized help with the issues faced in a divorce is to hire experts. For issues dealing with the law you should seek the counsel of a lawyer who focuses on divorce and family law. For the mental health and emotional issues you should seek a counselor or therapist who specializes on helping people handle this type of stress and adjust to their new situation.

A number of issues may need to be presented to these experts including:

Issues related to child custody. Divorce is hard, but it gets even harder when their are children involved. You will need to determine who will have the children when and where. You will be forced to spend time without your children and trust that your ex-spouse is taking care of them in a manner you approve. This is especially difficult if your ex-spouse has a new love interest.

Child Support – Child support is generally determined using a formula provided by the family code in most States, but you may vary this amount by agreement. The person receiving child support must adapt to using just the sum they are provided. Often the amount of child support doesn’t feel like enough make even a dent in the bills associated with raising children. The person paying child support often feels like the other parent is not making good use of the money, or that the amount they are paying leaves too little for them to live their own lives.

Property Issues – Who is taking what can often be a huge source of turmoil. People develop strong attachments to houses, cars and other material things. Or people will often use the division of property as a means to hurt the other person or exact revenge.

Current and Future Taxes – As a married couple you have filed your taxes together in the past. If you are married for any portion of a year you may file as married for that year and it might be to your advantage to join together one last time to file your taxes in a manner that gets you both the largest return. Unfortunately some people will file before their spouse on their own and claim all of the exemptions in an effort to maximize their own return and reduce their spouses.