What to do if you are arrested for DWI

There are things that you can do to fight a DWI charge in court. Before you make a decision that can impact you for years or decades to come, one that can lead to a suspended license and that can damage your career, understand that an experienced criminal defense and DWI lawyer can make a real difference in your case.

At McHam Law, we have taken on numerous cases, and have been successful at getting people the results they need. Let us put our experience and commitment to professional service behind your DWI case.

The cost of a DWI conviction when you don’t have anyone on your side to fight for your rights is steep. Even if you believe you were clearly in the wrong, the system is built with the expectation that a charged individual will have defense counsel. You need a lawyer on your side who understands the law, understands your rights and understands how significantly a DWI charge can impact your life.