No one goes into a marriage expecting a divorce. Every divorce is difficult. Some of the worst are the one sided divorces in which one party had no idea the other was contemplating a divorce. It is possible to see the train coming before it hits you. Here are some steps or clues that the divorce train is on the way.

Changing or adding bank accounts. If your spouse suddenly starts changing passwords on accounts and not telling you the new ones they may be preparing for a divorce.

Moving or hiding records. If important records have been moved, hidden or copied your spouse may be considering divorce. It is not uncommon for lawyers to advise their clients to make copies of all financial documents prior to filing to prevent their destruction.

Examine your credit card statements. Have there been any large cash withdrawals? Payments out of the ordinary? If so  this could be your spouse stock piling money for a move or paying her attorney.

Opening new credit cards. Has your spouse started taking out new credit cards? Are you on the cards? Is he or she using your old, joint credit cards and not the new ones?They could be preparing for the split by creating new credit sources while still having both of  your incomes and are not using them because they are less likely to be able to get you to pay for part of them in the divorce.

Change in parenting style. Have they become super parent? Are they suddenly very active in the children’s lives? Especially in a very public way? They could be building a case for being the better parent.

Keeping secrets. Is your spouse suddenly secretive about their cell phone? Do they text and then hide the phone? Does it suddenly have a password?

Increasing online activity. Is your spouse spending an extremely large amount of time on Facebook lately? Has this been a sudden surge? Are they protective or secretive about what they are doing and who they are talking to? This could be an affair or a sign that they are beginning to think like a single person and are no longer emotionally.