If you suspect that a loved one or friend has been arrested in Williamson County you can take the following steps to determine if they are being held in the Williamson County Jail.

Go to http://judicialrecords.wilco.org/default.aspx

Select the light blue words, Criminal Cases.

If you know the case number, just type it in under the red letters that say + Case Number and click search at the bottom.

If you do not know the case number, go to the Search By box located directly below the red words (*) Required Fields. Click the down arrow and select Defendant. This will change the table below the Search By field to allow you to type in the last and first names of the Defendant. Knowing the birth date of the defendant is helpful but not necessary.

Once you type in the Last and First name click on search at the bottom of the page. It is possible that you will see more than one person listed under your defendant’s name. This is where knowing the birth date or middle name comes in handy. You may also see multiple listings for the same person. These are generally different charges for the same person. Some could be old and disposed of or they could have all be currently pending.

After you find your defendant’s name, click on the blue numbers under the Case Number column. This will take you to the register of actions page which provides you with all of the information currently available about this defendant.